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Title: The history of the “Roman Catholic School” at Parramatta from its origins in Hunter Street Parramatta in 1820-21 to its passing to the management of the Marist Brothers in 1875 … / documents traced and compiled by Barry Lamb

Author: Barry Lamb (Brother) – pictured

Publisher Marist Brothers, 1987
ISBN 0731636643, 9780731636648
Length 288 pages

Available: National Library Canberra Bib ID: 515415

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Title: A School of Their Own: The Story of Parramatta Marist 1820 – 2000

Author: Ian McDonald

Publisher: Parramatta Marist 2000

ISBN: 0646406353

Length: 365 pages

Available: National Library Canberra Bib ID: 41182313

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Title: Parramatta Marist Centenary Magazine 1975

Publisher: Parramatta Marist 1975

Author: Brother Rupert

A Pdf copy an extract from the Parramatta Marist Centenary Magazine includes the article “The Parramatta Marist Story” by Brother Rupert Kelly can be downloaded HERE This is a large file of 19 pages.

This is a relatively detailed history of the School from 1820 to 1975.

Brother Rupert was the history master in 1975. His homework revision system was to ask a question of each boy. Incorrect answers meant the student had to stand. All those standing were each asked a question. Wrong answers required the boy to go to the front of the class, bend over and be wacked on the backside with the edge of a large ruler. Did I mention the boys were in 6th Form (Year 12)?. Everyone passed history in the HSC. I understand teaching methods have changed since 1975.

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  1. Bogdan Zawadzki

    I was a student of Brother Rupert’s in 1965 – the final year of the Leaving Certificate, before the Wyndham Scheme came into being. He was a real character and I recall his comment on one of my Modern History exam papers , in which I wrote 25 pages on the subject question (I erroneously equated length of with quality) . When calling out the exam results to the class, Brother Rupert commented: “I see Zawadzki has written 25 pages! Well, it may be very worthwhile writing 25 pages, if you answer the question!” ha ha..that was typical of the learned man’s dry wit.
    Bogdan Zawadzki

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