Public Sector

Edward Fleming

Born in 1875 and attended the School in the 1880s. On leaving school he joined the public service and joined the Department of Lands, eventually becoming Under Secretary of Lands. In the 1920s he was responsible for settling returned soldiers on Land in New South Wales.

On 1 January 1928 he was appointed Chief Commissioner of the City of Sydney, but died suddenly on 3 October of the same year after less than a year in his job, (3 commissioners were appointed to administer Sydney City Council 1928-1930). John Garlick, another ex-student of Parramatta Marist, succeeded Edward Fleming as Chief Commissioner of the City of Sydney.

John Garlick

Following school and a period in commerce John Garlick joined the NSW public service in 1905. In 1916 he became Under Secretary for Local Government until 1925. From 1925-1931 he was Chairman of the Main Roads Board. During this time he was also a Commissioner of The City of Sydney (1928-1930). He was made Chief Commissioner on the death of fellow ex-Parramatta Marist student and Chief Commissioner of The City of Sydney in October 1928.

Soon after World War II broke out he became Deputy Censor of Communications in in the Eastern Military Command. He died suddenly in 1942.

Thomas Leo McAdam

Was born in 1886 and attended the School in the 1890s before joining the army. In 1917 he was part of the general staff administering New Guinea. Colonel McAdam was responsible for native affairs. Later he became Chief Collector of Customs for New Guinea.

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