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The standard listing is free and will always be free. This will be more than sufficient for most businesses. Also, all categories are free.

Terms and Conditions

As part of the submission of your Listing, you will be required to confirm you have read The Directory Terms and Conditions and agree to these Terms and Conditions bother personally and on behalf of the Listing owner. The Directory Terms and Conditions can be read HERE.

Step 1: You Need to log in or Register

Being logged in means you can securely edit and update your listing in the future. Only you and us can edit your listing.

If you are already registered you can log in HERE

When you have logged in you will be taken to your Profile page. Come back to this page “Submit a Listing” under “Business Directory”.

If you are not registered you can register HERE

After registration, you will be taken to your Profile page. Please enter your contact details. Then Come back to this page “Submit a Listing” under “Business Directory”.

Complete the Listing Submission Form

Click HERE to access the listing submission form. You must be logged in.

Step 3: Approval and Publication of Listing

The Listing is not published immediately. Listings are usually approved and published within 48 hours. We will be in contact with if any amendments are required prior to publication.

Step 4: Editing and Updating Your Listing

Login. Go to your Listing. Click on the Edit button to access the previously completed Listing Submission Form. You can only edit a Listing you submitted.

If you want to edit a Listing that we or someone else created then follow these procedures:

  1. Register, (if not already registered), and login;
  2. Use the Contact us form to advise us of the Listing you want to amend;
  3. Include in the Contact us form your position in the organisation, confirmation you have the authority to amend the Listing, a contact telephone number, and the username you used to register on this website.
  4. We will confirm your authority to amend the Listing and then we will make you the author of the Listing so you can amend the Listing.
  5. When you log in you will see some information about your listing that only you and we can see. Open another browser without logging in to see what your listing looks like to other users.