Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union

Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union

Fortior Ito – Go Forth With Strength – School est. 1820 Old Boys Union est. 1925

Bricks and Mortar

Old School room at Parramatta Marist at Victoria Road circa early 1900s

1930s photo of old school in Victoria Road and monastery.
Thanks to Chris Jurd (1964) who supplied this photo

1938 Aerial View of Parramatta including Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta Marist & Kings School.

Thanks again to Chris Jurd for this 1938 aerial View of Parramatta including Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta Marist, St Patrick’s Church & Kings School.  Council depot and old swimming pool on centre left of photo.

Source: Early and recent memoirs of – Parramatta, the cradle of Australia : official publication to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Parramatta / editor, James Jervis.(1938)

Aerial View Victoria Road 1943 –

The boundaries are marked in red. It is hard to believe that that up to 1,000 boys fitted into this site up until the mid 1960s. This is probably where the term “full as a Catholic School” came from.

Aerial View Victoria Road 2011 –
Then and Now (at least in 2011)

From the 1950 Year Book – Victoria Road –

Thanks to Chris Jurd who provided this image showing the old school in Victoria Road Parramatta, now the site of the extended Saint Patrick’s Cathedral complex.


1965 Marist Brothers Parramatta from Victoria Road –
Again, thanks to Chris Jurd for this 1965 image of Marist Brothers Parramatta from Victoria Road.

The Westmead Campus under Construction. Circa 1965. Source: Alman Harroway

Pool being constructed circa 1966-1967

Source: Alman Harroway Construction

Building to the right was Westmead Printing, the building in the top centre was the toilet block and in front of that were the cricket nets (you have to look pretty hard), beyond the toilet block to the left was a building that on the ground floor was the office, tuck shop and carpenter’s shop, upstairs was a big room that was used for Marist Brothers 4th and 6th Class (later Year 7) and was a cinema, dance hall and conference/meeting room. Down below where the bulldozer is was the remains of three footy fields that Parra Marist and SVBH used to use! (Greg Goodwin)



The opening of the pool (now decommissioned due to the deterioration in concrete) in October 1967 by the Lord Mayor of Parramatta, the Hon. Barry Wilde, a long time supporter of the School.

The pool prior to decommissioning in 2016 – just short of 50 years of service. 

The Cyril Shean School Pool was decommissioned in 2015 due to irreparable structural failures in the concrete. Over the last 5-8 years, attempts have been made to fix the leaks but the pool is losing water at a rapid rate from multiple points. The cost of rebuilding this part of a 50 year old pool are prohibitive. A very sad day indeed.

Even sadder, as the Cyril Shean School Pool is decommissioned we learn that Cyril Shean passed away 28 October 2015. Cyril was an Old Boy and resident of St Vincents. Cyril continuously tended the school pool (which was named in his honour) for 32 years until his retirement in 2000. He also managed a number of the School’s rugby league teams over the years. He was a man of warm and generous heart – may he rest in peace.

This sad irony reminds us that physical structures may come and go but the positive impact of generous service to others will outlive physical structures and extend well beyond the the boundaries of the structure.

Aerial Images of Parramatta Marist at Westmead circa 1968 – Thanks to Doug Brownlow (1971) who provided these images: Can you pick out:
  1. Parramatta Showground / Speedway?
  2. Westmead Hospital site?
  3. Westmead Printing?
  4. Platex Factory?
  5. Redbank Disability Institution?
  6. Old Windsor Road?
  7. Tin portables?
  8. Westmead Private Hospital site?

Parramatta Marist High Monastery circa. 1970 –
Thanks to Doug Brownlow (1971) who provided this photo, From recollection it was Brother Timothy who was responsible for the landscaping.

ANZAC Day Commemoration 1971

1973 Abseiling down side of School –
Source: Greg Hayes Friday afternoon cadet activity. OHS would put the damp cloth on that one. Not a helmet in sight.

1973 School Rifle Range –
Source: Greg Hayes

Last class at Victoria Road 1994

Theatrette mural 2016. To commemorate two anniversaries, 50th anniversary of Westmead campus (1966-2016) and 90th anniversary of the first event of the Old Boys Union (a smoko concert 1926)

The mural was painted over in the April holidays 2017 under instructions from a previous principal, Brother Patrick Howlett. The sight lines to the mural were also interrupted by the erection of the large playground shade cloth. 

The Morley Centre – 1993

Victoria Road then (1970s)

Victoria Road now – without the School

War Memorial Parramatta Marist High

A video of the highlights of the opening of the Westmead Campus of Parramatta Marist High and Catherine McAuley 1966, the school pool, 1967. This was converted from 8mm film. This project was financed by the Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union. There is no sound.

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