Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union

Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union

Fortior Ito – Go Forth With Strength – School est. 1820 Old Boys Union est. 1925

Government Inspectors Report from 1896

Not just a flash in the pan

1957 Leaving Certificate Results

2015 HSC Results

According to the Sydney Morning Herald School HSC results rankings Parramatta Marist High was ranked 64th in NSW .141 students sat for 794 exams. Of those exams there were 164 results (20.4%) where results of 90 or higher (Band 6) were achieved. Congratulations to the, now Old Boys, of the Class of 2015. We recognise the limits of these league tables, see SMH Comment by SCEGGS Principal. These results are just one part of the life education provided by Parramatta Marist High through the Marist Charism to put these boys in good stead for the rest of their lives and for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

This is the eighth year in a row the School has been in the top 100.

Some more Stats

  • Mathematics (Extension 1 and Extension 2) was ranked 6th in the state. Mathematics General 2 ranked 37th in the state.
  • 1st Catholic Systemic Boys School in NSW
  • 1st non selective Catholic Boys School in NSW (Aloysius is selective)
  • 2nd best Catholic Systemic School in NSW
  • 10th best Catholic School in NSW
  • 4 students received state places in different subjects
  • 6th in the state in Mathematics (combination of 2u, Ext 1 and Ext2 results). We were 8th last year.
  • 94% received a mark of 70% or above in all of exams (up from 90% last year). This means more students are getting better results across the board and not just at the top end which is unfortunately the measure used by the newspaper league tables.

School Dux
Congratulations to Tony Lahoud the School Dux who received an Australian Tertiary Academic Rank (ATAR) of 99.5. In addition, four students scored ATARs above 95: Jason Raad; 99.2, Bradley Murphy; 98.95, Matthew Hasjim; 98.6, Aidan Peters; 98.3.

Top All-Rounders
Congratulations to Bradley Murphy and Tony Lahoud who have been named in the Top All-Rounders List which mentions those who scored 90 or above in 10 or more units in the HSC.

Places in State
Congratulations to the following four students who received a place in the state:
Alexander Ba¬¬iada who received 5th for Information and Digital Technology.
Carlos Dela Cruz who received 7th for Industrial Technology.
John Khoury who received 10th for Senior Science.
Tony Lahoud who received 17th for PDHPE.

Students with ATARs above 90
Congratulations to the following students who received the following ATARs above 95:

Tony Lahoud; 99.5

Jason Raad; 99.2

Bradley Murphy; 98.95

Matthew Hasjim; 98.6

Aidan Peters; 98.3

John Khoury; 97.25

Matthew Sassine; 97.1

Marcus Pelaez; 96.45

Jarred Bautista; 96.1

Shikhar Kakkar; 96.1

Suwavinaash Soumyraj; 95.9

Bill Eltakchi; 95.8

Toufic Haddad; 95.5

Gavin Fernando; 95.35

Fernand Werdi; 95.25

Antonio Jabbour; 94.3

Aaron Chetcuti; 93.15

Gregory Aboumelhem; 92.95

Kelvin Vaz; 92.05

Michael Cruz; 91.8

David Juric; 91.6

Mark Tenorio; 91

Charbel Dagher; 90.7

Luke Reyes; 90.65

Andrew Patrizi; 90.45

Alonzo Prieto; 90.2

The results are a testament to the collaborative efforts of staff and students and reflect how hard everyone worked throughout the year. I have high expectations of the staff and students and they continue to exceed these.