From the 1950 Year Book - Staff
From the 1950 Year Book - Staff -

Thanks to Chris Jurd who provided this and other images. This image  is of the teaching staff of 1950. In those days lay staff, as they were known were the exception, rather than the rule. 

Editorial Note

The image of the teaching staff includes Brother Norbert Mathieson who was also the commanding officer of the School Cadets at that time. There have been allegations that Brother Norbert was a pedophile however never charged. He died in 1954.  A Google search will provide links to these allegations. There have also been allegations that Br Laetus, who also appears in the image, was obsessionally violent. The allegations did not extend to being a pedophile.

If anyone has any complaints or information in respect of any abuse they should share their story, which can be on a confidential basis, with The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse,  CLICK HERE or make a report to the police.

The Old Boys Union abhors any form of child abuse  and wants to see justice done for victims and the conviction and punishment of perpetrators. This will also serve to free the reputations of those good brothers and their good works that have been smeared by the selfish acts of predators.