Maxwell "Shayne" Mallard
Maxwell "Shayne" Mallard -

Source: Wikipedia Things have changed a lot over the years. In days gone by being Catholic meant you voted either Labor or DLP. To the point when the ambitious Billy McMahon converted from Catholicism to Anglicanism and became a Mason in order to remove barriers to his progress professionally as a lawyer and within the Liberal Party. (Billy McMahon decided to become an Anglican while at Sydney University - p.17 John Wurhurst "The Faith of Australian Prime Ministers 1901-2010" [2010]) This was also the case with the former Premier and Chief Justice of NSW, James Martin, an old boy of the School in the 1820s.

Shayne Mallard was President of the New South Wales branch of the Young Liberals from 1993 to 1994. Prior to election to the City of Sydney Council in March 2004, Mallard served as a Councillor on the South Sydney City Council, from July 2000. In 2004, both Councils were amalgamated. Mallard is the first Liberal endorsed candidate elected to the City of Sydney. He remained on Council until 2012.

In September 2012, Mallard was endorsed as the Liberal Party candidate for the NSW Legislative Assembly seat of Sydney. He was not elected but undaunted he was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Council on the Liberal/Nationals ticket at the 2015 state election, endorsed as the seventh candidate. Other information about Shayne as reported in SMH.