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After Nearly 50 Years the School Pool Closes


The Cyril Shean School Pool is to be decommissioned due to irreparable structural failures in the concrete. Over the last 5-8 years, attempts

have been made to fix the leaks but the pool is losing water at a rapid rate from multiple points. The cost of rebuilding this part of a 50 year

old pool are prohibitive. A very sad day indeed.
This is made even sadder as we learnt of the passing of Cyril Shean.
Please provide us with any photos of the pool and swimming events.

BuildingPoolBuilding the pool. Building to the right was Westmead Printing, the building in the top centre was the toilet block and in front of that were the cricket nets (you have to look pretty hard), beyond the toilet block to the left was a building that on the ground floor was the office, tuck shop and carpenter's shop, upstairs was a big room that was used for Marist Brothers 4th and 6th Class (later Year 7) and was a cinima, dance hall and conference/meeting room. Down below where the bulldozer is was the remains of three footy fields that Parra Marist and SVBH used to use! (Greg Goodwin)




Visit from Honourable Justice Brian Tamberlin
A Sad Irony - as the Pool is Decommissioned Cyril ...

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