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Roy Cooke (1957) - Coordinator for Life Ascending Australia

LIFE ASCENDING AUSTRALIA is a LAY movement for Seniors. My name is Roy Cooke and I am the Coordinator for Life Ascending Australia (LAA :website: I was a member of the Leaving Certificate Class in 1957. The LAA movement was born in France in 1962 and was authorised in 1985 in Rome with the aim of facilitating pastoral action for the retired. This based on the premise that a Christian who reaches the age of retirement should live the message of the Gospel, wherever they are. Through this, retired people bring hope to us and to other men and women of our time.

The movement has been very good to me, and with other learning, it has helped me to come to terms with questions that often led to the feeling of an iron cage squeezing and strangling my heart. An important part of the answer to my questions and to this feeling was the help LAA provided to arrive at a far better understanding of the questions and a heart much more open to my faith and others. I am sure that in matters of our faith and the heart I have learnt much from LAA as we will learn from each other.

The proportion of Senior’s in relation to the rest of the population is growing and LAA will help you to be more comfortable with the friendships and relationships involved.  How do we ensure that this period of our life will be fruitful and of use to others? For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  May God be with you!

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Update 30 April 2013 Presentation of the Plaque and Photo of the 1953 Cadet Drum Bugle Band

Further to the previous post on this event, on 30 April 2013 at the School’s ANZAC Commemoration the members of the award winning 1953 Cadet Drum Bugle Band presented to the School the framed plaque award and photo of the band in the 1953 ANZAC day march where the band won best youth band performance.  Just over 15 former members of the 1953 Band attended the commemoration and presentation. An excellent turn out after 60 years.

1955Cadetbandpresentationof plaqueHall_1

Unveiling of the  Trophy. (l. to r. :  Peter Carters, Brother Patrick (Principal), Norm Hayes,  Colin Walsh,  Rob Connelly, Adam Hendry (Teacher),  Alan McInnes, Reg Bible).[The closest we have ever been to an M.B.P. Principal without warming our hands!].

1953Cadetbandpresentationof plaqueHall_1

1953 Band Reunion.(Foreground :  Syd Cooke,  daughter Bernice) (Background standing :  Alan Forsyth, Roy Richards, Colin Walsh, Peter Carters, Norm Hayes, Rob Connelly,  Alan McInnes,  Reg Bible,  Bob Richards,  Bert Godwin,  John Donnellan).


WITHIN FRAME: 1953 R.S.L. Plaque; Details of Inscription; M.B.P. Band Photo in Park Street, Sydney; Band Members’ Names.

1953Cadetbandpresentationof plaqueHall

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Dennis Bishop & Jeff McMullen (1964)

Thinking about a re-union for the 1964 Leaving Certificate Class? Source: Dennis Bishop who wrote "I bumped into Chris Jurd and Graham Malouf at a Parra match many years ago, which we lost. Ron Miles and I spent time as principals of Dulwich High and Mt Austin High (Wagga) respectively and met up at several conferences. I have been a Rotarian for many years and in 2012 caught up with Jeff McMullen who was the keynote speaker at a conference in Young. Despite old age and a fading memory, I relish the opportunity to catch up with some of you."


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Revisiting 50th Reunion of the Class of 57

This post has been a collaborative effort from the MBP class of 1957. Thanks to Andrew Mereniuk for submitting the material.

Image 1_1

Image 2

Back Row: 1 Jim Smith 2 Des Ledlin 3 Walter Wall 4 Vance Gledhill 5 Tony Lebreton 6 Eric Ancich 7 Tony Farrugia
Middle Row:  1 Trevor Myers 2 Mark Curach 3 Denis Lutton 4 Roy Cooke 5 Giulio Missio 6 Harold O'Keeffe 7 Paul Ripamonti 8 Joe Zarb 9 John
Clarke 10 Gerry Bernhardt 11 Brian Lowe 12 Kevin Parkes 13 Barry Wooldridge 14 Michael Callaghan 15 Pat Connelly 16 Jim Curtis 17 Peter
Front Row: 1 Jim West 2 Joe Ignacz 3 Peter Hayes 4 Graham Tunks 5 John Rossiter 6 Alan Clague 7 John Baker 8 Louis Haddad 9 Nick Napoli


Thanks to Eric Ancich's  initiative and determination The MBHS Parramatta 50th year Reunion for the class of 57 was held at Ashfield Catholic Club Saturday,13th October 2007. Initially he approached the school to get the 57 class roll but the request was declined citing privacy matters. Fortunately John Baker had kept the LC results for 57 that had been printed in the Daily Telegraph and this enabled Eric to determine the  second initial of everyone's name. Armed with this information, he was able to track down 56 former students out of 68, a remarkable achievement. He also took on the responsibility of selecting an appropriate venue. Some of the students had not finished their studies at MBP in 57 but had been included as they had attended MBP in the 50s.

With Paul Ripamonti's photographic skill, a small pamphlet was printed and distributed as part of the memorabilia to all attending and to those who were unable to make it.             Photos provided by Kevin Parkes and Joe Zarb.


Before the event, the two class photos taken by Basil Chupin, a keen photographer back in 57, evoked intense email discussion regarding the identity of the then students. John Clarke revealed his memory skills by identifying over 75% of them. However, we were unable to identify four students from B class until Harold O'Keeffe confessed that he had a list which he had compiled during one History class lesson back in 57. Remarkably he had kept that list over the ensuing years and from that list the remainder of the students were identified.

Image 4Class 57 year was in a unique situation in that in the 50s there was no provision for class photos. We were very fortunate to have had those photos taken, though Brother Patricius was not pleased when he walked in on one of these photographic sessions, (photo adjacent). We were also fortunate that some of the members had kept those photos and were able to submit them to Paul to incorporate in the pamphlet.

The teaching staff prominent in the 50s

Br. Laurence, Maths and Physics, Principal till end of 56

Br. Quentin, Chemistry, Principal in 57 and later appointed Provincial

Br. Alexander, English

Br. Benildus, English and Officer of Cadets at one stage

Br. Cornelius, Geography

Br. Conan, Chemistry

Br. Cornelius, Geography

[column-group] [column] Br. Ethelred, English and had a red setter dog;

Br. Gildas, Maths;

Br. Pascal, Maths;

Br. Eugene, Latin

Br. Julius, Maths and Physics [/column]

[column]Br. Martin, Chemistry

Br. Valens, Religion;

Br. Felix, Physics;

Br. Justinian, French;

Br. Patricius, History - Modern and Ancient[/column][column]Br. Laetus in charge of cadets and school discipline;

Br. Leo, English, French and Latin [/column] [/column-group]

Lay Teachers

Mr Noel Pettiford, Junior Maths  (continued to teach at the School until his passing in 1975)

Mr Reg Radford, Elocution

Some Photos from that Period

Image 5

Image 6

Last day at school - Trip down memory lane

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9However, as pointed out by John Clarke, some of the entries are incorrect, in the true tradition of newspaper reporting.

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In November 2013, Parramatta Marist will be hosting an International conference on Project Based Learning (PBL).

This conference will be three days and involve teachers from all over the world, including primary, secondary schools, university students lecturers, and teacher trainers.

This conference involves many international speakers, including the national staff from the Buck Institute of Education, a non-profit organisation that assists system leaders in implementing Project Based Learning, New Tech Network staff, a non-profit organisation that works with coaching and educating teachers within the classroom; Larry Rosenstock, CEO and Founding Principal of High Tech High, and Glenn O'Grady, Deputy Director, Centre of Higher Education, Australian National University.

For more information regarding the conference, see

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30 April 2013 Presentation of the Plaque and Photo of the 1953 Cadet Drum Bugle Band

Today, 30 April 2013 at the School's ANZAC Commemoration the members of the award winning 1953 Cadet Drum Bugle Band presented to the School the framed plaque award and photo of the band in the 1953 ANZAC day march where the band won best youth band performance. Thanks to a member of the band, Colin Walsh, who had been very busy enlarging photos and restoring the plaque for framing. Just over 15 former members of the 1953 Band attended the commemoration and presentation. An excellent turn out after 60 years.

Below are two photos of the framed restored plaque and photo.



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Parramatta Advertiser - 60 Year Celebrations of the 1953 Parramatta Marist Cadet Drum and Bugle band

Article in the Parramatta Advertiser 10 April 2013 about the 60 Year Celebrations of the award winning 1953 Parramatta Marist Cadet Drum and Bugle band. You can download the article by CLICKING HERE  . Past members of that band are invited to a sixtieth year presentation at the Parramatta Marist High School Westmead, on April 30 2013 during an Anzac memorial service. See the article for contact details orcontact Adam Hendry

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Calling 1964 LCC Class

David McFadden (1957 - 1964)  wrote:

Would anyone with any photos of 1964 LCC Class (and 1962 Intermediate A and B classes) please fwd same to me by sending a note to PO Box 308 Port Douglas Qld 4877 or using the contact form on this website

Also looking for contact details on as many of the members of those classes with a view to organising a 50th Ann. Reunion next year. If not a Reunion then at least wish to produce a WHERE ARE THEY NOW book to mark the occasion. Thus I will later require a brief life resume and a recent passport sized photo for "Then and Now" purposes.

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Cadet Drum Bugle Band ANZAC Day Parade 1953 - Won Best band Performance

On 30th April  2013 (9am), members of the 1953 Drum Bugle band are attending Parramatta Marist High  Anzac Day service to commemorate the 60th anniversary of them winning the RSL's award for the best youth band performance. (Please see image below and the plaque in an earlier post). A member of the band, Colin Walsh, has been very busy enlarging photos and restoring the plaque (which was in the The School's archive) ready to be framed by the OBU and to be presented to the school on that day.


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1953 Anzac Day award that MBP won for the best (youth) band performance

Colin Walsh (Class of 55) has organised the framing of the plaque for the 1953 Anzac Day award that MBP won for the best (youth) band performance. It will be presented to the school on the 30th April 2013 at the school's Anzac Day service .

 1953 Anzac Day award that MBP won for the best (youth) band performance
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The memorabilia collection is growing

From Adam Hendry (OBU President

I have been sorting through (and been receiving) some terrific memorabilia that the Old Boys would like to frame and display around the school. We have some astounding 'artefacts' that I know the students will greatly appreciate when they gaze upon them. At present, we have the following:

Earnie garland (old boy from 1981 and 1st grade RL player – NSWCCC Rugby league jumper and tie and photo)

Warren Bain (1979 Yr 10 Opens premiers jacket)

Warren Bain (1981 school A grade Jersey)

1954 swim squad photo enlargement (with Paul Hogan and John Devitt)

Old school pennants  from 1940's onwards (x 10)

Joe Mills (1962 B Grade Rugby league premiers Blazer)

1950's Athletics shirt, pants and spikes

Marist Junior rugby league with Chris and Ray Warren

Charcoal and pencil sketch of Pope leo XIII (Drawn in 1885 by MBP student Anthony Hardinge)

I am also chasing some other items to get framed including a 1988 Commonwealth Bank Cup Winning Jersey (to got with our archive photo) and items from our Australian Schoolboys Rugby League Reps.

Also, Colin and Rob (class of '55) have been working hard to organise the framing of the 1953 Anzac Day award that MBP won for the best (youth) band performance. Colin has kindly supplied a photo of the boys marching in town and restore the shield that we have in our archive (see attached photo). He has also kindly sought the help of a framer near his residence in Mascot. It is to be framed and presented to the school on the 30th April at the school's Anzac Day service (hence, the 'rush') with members of the band in attendance! Thanks to you two for all your efforts.

If there are other items that you believe (or have) that you wish to see framed, please let me know, as I shall be heading to the framer(s) shortly to get some quotes.

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The PMH Old Boys Annual Dinner will be held at Parramatta Leagues Club on Friday 19 October at a coast of $50 p.p. We had a great night last year with one of our 'oldest' old boys, John Eather (class of 1941), in attendance along with some of our youngest from the class of 2008. It'd be great to see another couple hundred old boys again this year especially those who are celebrating a significant anniversary! For more info please contact the school on 9635 7066 or see the school website and click on the 'old boys' link to find some contact details of committee members.

See you in October!

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In 2011, the Old Boys dinner is to be held at Parramatta Leagues Club on Friday, 21st October. The cost is $50 per person. Please set this date aside (or ask the wife to remind you) so you can come and join us for a drink. The Old Boys Committee is looking forward to seeing as many ex-students as possible this year, especially those classes from 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991 (.....and so on). Please download the PDF below and send to other Old Boys.

Adam Hendry

President of Old Boys Union

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This year, to celebrate the 190th year of Parramatta Marist (135 years under the guidance of the Marist Brothers), the Old Boys Union and the Parramatta Marist School Executive held an Anniversary Dinner to celebrate the Oldest Catholic School in Australia. The dinner was held at Le Montage, Lilyfield, on October 29th. It was a fabulous night with many a good time had with old friends, brothers and teachers. Thank you to the organising committee for making it such a terrific night and to all those who came and help raise many thousands dollar for our Br. Coman Scholarship.

Adam Hendry

HSIE Coordinator, Parramatta Marist High

Vice-President of the Old Boys Union


190 Banner


Dave 'Darce' Dwyer collecting his raffle prize!

 Anniversary Dinner Organising Committee; these wonderful ladies made the evening a fabulous success! Thanks from the Old Boys

 Some 'young' old boys! Great to see

 Br Pat addressing the old boys and guests

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Terrence George Sheens (1945)

Source: Tim Sheens Family Tree

Terrence George Sheens1

M, #2, b. 26 October 1928, d. 13 February 1963
  terry sheens portrait
Terrence George Sheens 1928-1963
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