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School ANZAC Day Service 2016

ANZAC Day Service 2016
ANZACServiceANZACGuestsANZACSpeaker672b075d 7b07 473c 98ad 18ad8045d4bfWarMemorialMBP

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Mark Devlin 1977

MarkDevlinA recent visitor to the School, an Old Boy from the Class of 1977, Mark Devlin. Mark also taught many students at Parramatta Marist Junior in the 1980s. Mark is currently Assistant Principal at Our Lady of the Rosary, Kellyville.

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John Cox's (1971) Memories of Parramatta Marist

John Cox Seniors Geography Excursion with Br Douglas

John Cox has provided us with some images. Click on the image to enlarge. The desciption is in the title.

As well as images John has provided us with a copy of an email to his friend Michael Lindfield (1971) which describes what he has been up to. It has been edited for privacy purposes.

"I also “ retired” from my Practice [DKM Group Chartered Accountants] in 2008, but I wasn’t really serious. Go crazy living at home.John Cox 4th Class First Day 1963

Mary and I now live in an apartment at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, near the Dockside Precinct, my eldest James is a chartered accountant living in Mt Gravatt, has one daughter (my only grandchild to date that we know of), daughter Felicity is now working in London, she is a Town Planner (near to your heart) but doing a couple of years over there, currently working for Murton Council, near Wimbledon I believe.

John Cox Anzac Day 1968 or 1969 1Then lastly “sprog”, aka Andrew, a bit of a late surprise package, turning 20 this year and studying Arts/Business at UQ. Needless to say a penniless student who lives with us.

We try to travel a bit, unlike yourself we do it for pleasure. Heading back over to Italy, France, Ireland (to visit Mary’s relations) then London to see Felicity May/June.

It would be really great to meet up. AnytimeJohn Cox Cadet Ball 1969 G Grounds J Cox P Williamson M Lindfield G Hoile J Duncan Friends 1

What also spurred the contact was a wish actually to go to the Marist Old Boys renunion this year (45 years for us). I had pulled out some old photos from school and have been threatening to go down many times without success. Might be a bit of fun to see what’s left of us. I have started trying to make contact with a couple of people.

John Cox Cadet Ball 1969Pass our best regards on to Philip, hope he is keeping well.

Mary has a facebook page if you are one of those techo’s, I couldn’t find your name on it however.

You might also get a connection request through Linked in, but it was directed to your old work at ADB.

Cheers"John Cox Cadet Camp 1969

John advised us he was a partner in the Chartered Accounting Firm "Davies Knox Maynards, now DKM Group. We started off in Coffs Harbour then moved to Beenleigh, Sunnybank, South Brisbane, Grafton etc etc I moved from Coffs to Beenleigh in 1989, that was a culture shock"








John Cox Cadet J Cox circa 1967

John Cox Class 4A 1963 Br Gervaisx900John Cox Cadet Philip Gibbs circa 1969John Cox Class 5A 1964 Br Clesiusx900

John Cox Class 6A 1965x900John Cox Cpt Glass Br Cyrus circa 1969John Cox NCOCoursex900JohnCoxswimmikngcertx900John Cox CertificateofEfficiencyJohn Cox SwimmingCerticate1964x900John Cox backstrokecertifictaex900John Cox Marist Cadet Band circa 1971John Cox Passing Out Parade 1970 or 71John Cox Sgts P Gibbs J Cox M Linfield 1971John Cox St Patricks Marist High circa 1940sJohn Cox Cadet Unit Invitations 1970 1971x900


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2016 Parramatta Marist High Commencement Mass

2016CommencementMassOverheadThe 2016 Commencement Mass was celebrated by Fr Walter Fogarty, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart, Westmead. The concelebrants were Fr Bob Bossini, Dean and Parish Priest of the St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta, Fr Luis Fernando, Parish Priest of St Monica's Parish, North Parramatta, Fr John Paul Escarlan, Assistant Priest of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. The Mass was attended by Mrs Sophie Ryan, Director of System Performance for Parramatta Holroyd from the Catholic Education Diocsese of P, Marist Brothers from the La Valla Community and parents.

The theme of the Mass was Mercy. Pope Francis has called the Church to a special Jubilee Year of Mercy. “Mercy”, the Pope says, “is the name of our God”. The God who asks us not to judge and condemn, but to forgive and to love, and to do this over and over again. This is the challenge that we are being called to every day; in our thoughts, by what we say, and by our actions.

The commissioning of the 2016 school leaders concluded the Mass, where previous school captains presented the new leaders with their badges.


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Past School Captains Attend 2016 Commencement Mass


Thank you to the past School Captains who attended the 2016 Commencement Mass and oversaw the investiture of our School leaders for 2016. Their presence adds and means so much to the school community. Click om the image to enlarge. From L to R Front: Nathan Haddad (SC 2011); Corey Owusu-Ansah (SC 2009); Alf Smith (SC 1961); Caleb Toevai (SC 2016); Sydney Cooke (SC 1955); Jacob Boutros (VC 2016); Brendan Decelis (SC 1996); Anthony Mackett (SC 2010). Standing: Adam Hendry (OBU President); Mark Elias (VC 2012); Tony Lahoud (VC 2015); Peter Kramer (SC 2005); Brad Murphy (SC 2015); Stephen Samson (SC 2014); Stephen King (SC 1980); Greg King (SC 1978); Mark Attwood (SC 1977); Justin Decelis (SC 1991); Andrew Houseman (SC 1990); James Boyer (SC 2003); Mark Procajlo (SC 1976); Steve Carr (SC 1997); David Askew (VC 1990). In attendance but not pictured: Trent Atkins (SC 1994); Dr Toby Nasr (VC 1992); James Bellew (SC 1998).

The commissioning of the 2016 school leaders concluded the Mass, where previous school captains presented the new leaders with their badges.



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Vale Wayne Kenneth Robertson (1964)

WayneRobertson1We have been advised sadly that one of the Class Characters of the Class of 1964, Wayne Kenneth Robertson, passed away on 8 February 2016.
Wayne has been quite unwell for several years and it was fortunate for all that he was able to make it with his wife to the Class of '64 Golden Jubilee reunion in 2014. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. May he rest in peace.

A long-serving policeman at state and Commomwealth level, Wayne is best described as a 'loveable rogue' by his classmates.

Leaving MBP, he joined the NSW Police Force and after initial training was stationed at Regent St, City doing General Duties in his probationary year. He then served at the Police Prosecuting Branch but did not enjoy Court work so undertook further training and was transferred to the CIB, where he served on
several Specialist Squads, including No 21 Division. He married Cheryl in 1969 and we set up home at South Strathfield. They had two sons David and Craig.
In 1977 he was recruited to the then Commonwealth Police Force as a Senior Detective in Major Crime Investigations and his family moved to Canberra from
where he worked on major investigations in Australia and around the wor1d.
This included a stint with INTERPOL. Whilst in Canberra, their daughter Hayley and another son Matthew were born. He served in the foundation Australia Police Force and then the new AFP continuously whilst living in Canberra. After illness and a heart attack he retired and we moved back to Sydney. He also leaves four grandchildren.

A long-serving policeman at state and Commomwealth level, Wayne is best described as a 'loveable rogue' by his classmates


"Sad news. Wayne was a one off. One of the great networkers and organizers I have met.
Wayne's accomplices ranged from prefects to those that recorded the absentees from the blackboard every morning.
One word to Wayne and your day of truancy was organized risk free right down to the removal of your record from the absentee list.
Shortly after we left school I asked him what he was going to do. He said " I'm joining the Police force. The opportunities are limitless. "
RIP. A love able rogue with a big heart." (Peter Costello)
"Wayne was one of the first fellows I met on my arrival at MBP.
I stood next to him and Stuart at my first assembly during which Wayne talked me out of the A Class into B which, no doubt, changed the course of my working life. It was also with Wayne ( his influence again) that I wagged school - a oncer for me but I suspect not for Wayne.
I lost touch with Wayne not long after our days at MBP - probably not such a bad thing, having regard to his power of persuasion over me.
It was good that we caught up at the reunion." (Michael Edgerton).



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Phil Ruthven (1956) Interviewed ABC News Radio

Phil Ruthven (1956) Interviewed ABC News Radio on 5 January 2016. The link to the ABC News Radio page is HERE

All you can listen below

ABC NewsRadio's Marius Benson speaks to Old Boy Phil Ruthven - founder of analysis group IBISWorld about the facts on tax, You can link to the audio file here. , and for more about Phil see the OBU website.

Phil at IBIS World

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2015 HSC Results

OldStleExamsAccording to the Sydney Morning Herald School HSC results rankings Parramatta Marist High was ranked 64th in NSW .141 students sat for 794 exams. Of those exams there were 164 results (20.4%) where results of 90 or higher (Band 6) were achieved. Congratulations to the, now Old Boys, of the Class of 2015. We recognise the limits of these league tables, see SMH Comment by SCEGGS Principal. These results are just one part of the life education provided by Parramatta Marist High through the Marist Charism to put these boys in good stead for the rest of their lives and for jobs that don't even exist yet.

This is the eighth year in a row the School has been in the top 100.

Some more Stats

  • Mathematics (Extension 1 and Extension 2) was ranked 6th in the state. Mathematics General 2 ranked 37th in the state.
  • 1st Catholic Systemic Boys School in NSW
  • 1st non selective Catholic Boys School in NSW (Aloysius is selective)
  • 2nd best Catholic Systemic School in NSW
  • 10th best Catholic School in NSW
  • 4 students received state places in different subjects
  • 6th in the state in Mathematics (combination of 2u, Ext 1 and Ext2 results). We were 8th last year.
  • 94% received a mark of 70% or above in all of exams (up from 90% last year). This means more students are getting better results across the board and not just at the top end which is unfortunately the measure used by the newspaper league tables.

School Dux
Congratulations to Tony Lahoud the School Dux who received an Australian Tertiary Academic Rank (ATAR) of 99.5. In addition, four students scored ATARs above 95: Jason Raad; 99.2, Bradley Murphy; 98.95, Matthew Hasjim; 98.6, Aidan Peters; 98.3.

Top All-Rounders
Congratulations to Bradley Murphy and Tony Lahoud who have been named in the Top All-Rounders List which mentions those who scored 90 or above in 10 or more units in the HSC.

Places in State
Congratulations to the following four students who received a place in the state:
Alexander Ba¬¬iada who received 5th for Information and Digital Technology.
Carlos Dela Cruz who received 7th for Industrial Technology.
John Khoury who received 10th for Senior Science.
Tony Lahoud who received 17th for PDHPE.

Students with ATARs above 90
Congratulations to the following students who received the following ATARs above 95:

Tony Lahoud; 99.5

Jason Raad; 99.2

Bradley Murphy; 98.95

Matthew Hasjim; 98.6

Aidan Peters; 98.3

John Khoury; 97.25

Matthew Sassine; 97.1

Marcus Pelaez; 96.45

Jarred Bautista; 96.1

Shikhar Kakkar; 96.1

Suwavinaash Soumyraj; 95.9

Bill Eltakchi; 95.8

Toufic Haddad; 95.5

Gavin Fernando; 95.35

Fernand Werdi; 95.25

Antonio Jabbour; 94.3

Aaron Chetcuti; 93.15

Gregory Aboumelhem; 92.95

Kelvin Vaz; 92.05

Michael Cruz; 91.8

David Juric; 91.6

Mark Tenorio; 91

Charbel Dagher; 90.7

Luke Reyes; 90.65

Andrew Patrizi; 90.45

Alonzo Prieto; 90.2

The results are a testament to the collaborative efforts of staff and students and reflect how hard everyone worked throughout the year. I have high expectations of the staff and students and they continue to exceed these.

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Christmas Thoughts & 2015 Wrap-up

NativityDear Old Boys,

Another year has almost passed and, again, there were many highs and lows within our OBU community. We are greatly indebted to the many Old Boys and their families who supported the Union and the present school community including those who visited, addressed and inspired students; the ex-School Captains who attended the Commencement Mass; Old Boy ex-servicemen who attended our Anzac day Service; those involved in school projects; those who supported our Year 12 major awards as well as the large number that attended the Annual Reunion Dinner.

The OBU would also like to extend our thanks to Mr Norm Dagher who is leaving after 35 years of service to our school community to focus on his health. A well-loved and dedicated teacher who will not be easily forgotten by those he taught (pictured below receiving a letter of appreciation from the Marist Brothers).

Sadly, this year, Cyril Shean passed away in the months following the closure of the pool named in his honour. Additionally, a long-time supporter of the OBU, Don Andrews (Class of 1951), also passed away along with a numerous Old Boys from other classes - may all their souls rest in peace.

As Parramatta Marist approaches its bicentenary as a Catholic school in 2020 (and 145 years under the care of the Marist Brothers), the Old Boys Union continues to fulfill the following aims as an alumni association as contained within our constitution:

  • To maintain contact between Old Boys of Parramatta Marist
  • To promote and foster the interest of Old Boys in the school
  • To promote and foster the welfare of the school.


As the number of Marist Brothers decline, there is significant shift towards empowering lay Marist people to continue the Charism of Saint Marcellin Champagnat as well as sharing governance of Marist schools within Australia. A strong, independent and well-resourced Old Boys Union will be vital in ensuring the proud legacy of this country's oldest Catholic school continues well into its third century.

To this end, the OBU is exploring the possibility of establishing a tax-deductible scholarship fund to provide another avenue by which we can fulfill these common goals. Consequently, we greatly appreciate all the support given to the Union by our alumni this year and into the future. In particular, I would like to thank the members of the committee for their tireless efforts. They are dedicated men with a great passion for their alma mater.

We look forward to hearing from you in the new year and seeing you at the Annual Reunion Dinner next October.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2016.

Kind Regards,

Adam Hendry

President, Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union


(Certificate of Appreciation from the Marist Brothers presented to Norm at the Academic Assembly. Thank you to Mr Daniel Lynch, Yr 12 Coordinator and regional leader for the Marist Association, for organising the certificate)

Norm Dagher

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Vale fellow Old Boys


We pray for the repose of their souls and for their families. May all these MBP Old Boys Rest in Peace.

Fortior Ito


Peter Ross (MBP Class of 1945) passed away aged 87.

Peter was a retired School Principal and Past President of Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club. He was also a keen golfer.

Peter was inspirational in producing the book LCWC Golf Club “Dooleys Golf 25 Years of Social Outings”. In February 2007 he achieved every golfer’s ambition a HOLE in ONE at the 8th hole at Sefton. He was a life member of the Golf Club and became a life member of Catholic Club in 1998.


Charlie Ferraro. (Class of 1964)

Charlie did not recover from the stroke he had prior to the 2014 Class of 1964 Golden Jubilee reunion

Phillip Brereton (class of 1977)

PhillipBreretonpassed away in Harris park, aged 55.

Robert 'Bobby' Sepping (Class of 1960)

Bob SeppingA well-respected Old Boy and businessman who was owner of Universe Cycles Group. Bob was regarded as apioneer of the bicycle retailing industry. You can read more about Bob in Bicycle Retailing.

Don Andrews (Class of 1951)


DonAndrewsDon Andrews was a well-respected Old Boy who was a terrific supporter of the OBU - a regular at our Annual Dinner and 'organiser' of the Class of 1951. We extend our condolences to his son Gary (Class of 1976), and to his family and extended family (especially those at Royans -

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A Sad Irony - as the Pool is Decommissioned Cyril Shean Passes Away

Cyril Shean1

As the Cyril Shean School Pool is decommissioned we learn that Cyril Shean passed away 28 October 2015. Cyril was an Old Boy and resident of St Vincents. Cyril continuously tended the school pool (which was named in his honour) for 32 years until his retirement in 2000. He also managed a number of the School's rugby league teams over the years. He was a man of warm and gnerous heart - may he rest in peace.

This sad irony reminds us that physical structures may come and go but the positive impact of generous service to others will outlive physical structures and extend well beyond the the boundaries of the structure.

Namingof thepoolOpeingofthepool


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After Nearly 50 Years the School Pool Closes


The Cyril Shean School Pool is to be decommissioned due to irreparable structural failures in the concrete. Over the last 5-8 years, attempts

have been made to fix the leaks but the pool is losing water at a rapid rate from multiple points. The cost of rebuilding this part of a 50 year

old pool are prohibitive. A very sad day indeed.
This is made even sadder as we learnt of the passing of Cyril Shean.
Please provide us with any photos of the pool and swimming events.

BuildingPoolBuilding the pool. Building to the right was Westmead Printing, the building in the top centre was the toilet block and in front of that were the cricket nets (you have to look pretty hard), beyond the toilet block to the left was a building that on the ground floor was the office, tuck shop and carpenter's shop, upstairs was a big room that was used for Marist Brothers 4th and 6th Class (later Year 7) and was a cinima, dance hall and conference/meeting room. Down below where the bulldozer is was the remains of three footy fields that Parra Marist and SVBH used to use! (Greg Goodwin)




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Visit from Honourable Justice Brian Tamberlin


The Honourable Justice Brian Tamberlin (MBP Class of 1955) visited Year 11 and spoke about his time at Parramatta Marist; working hard to achieve good results in his Leaving Certificate; studying at Sydney Uni and Harvard Law School; the importance of trial and error in finding your way in this life; and about his illustrious and interesting career in the law which culminated in his appointment as a Federal Court judge in 1994. Justice Tamberlin served in the Federal Court for 15 years and now, in his mid 70's, still works for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Brian Tamberlinwithboys 

1955 was a very good year fro producing old boys who made real differences in poeople's lives.

Thank you for your time Brian. Fortior Ito.


Read more about Brian at Old Boys Stories - Law & The Judiciary on our website.

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Class of '76 40 Year Anniversary - Get Ready

mbp year 11 class photo 1976

Scott Mielcarek (1976) has asked his fellow Old Boys from 1976 to have a special search for any school photos from 1975 and 1976. These can be sent using the OBU website contact form.

What was happening in 1976 in Australia?

Remember this?

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Annual General Meeting - Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union 7:30PM Monday 22 February 2016


The annual general meeting of Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union will be held at 7:30PM Monday 22 February 2016 at Parramatta Marist High 2 Darcy Street Parramatta NSW.

Please RSVP using the Contact Form on the website. You will be contacted to verify your identity for School security purpposes and when verified will be provided details of parking and access arrangements for the School on the night.

Fortior Ito

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Problem-based Learning Singapore Immersion Programme October 2015


Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered method of teaching in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem. Students learn both thinking strategies and domain knowledge. Parramatta Marist is a leader internationally in the application of PBL to high school education. Read more about PBL
20 students and staff from Parramatta Marist attended the International Youth Immersion Programme in Singapore, October 2015.  

Patrick Dolahenty (Year 9), son of OBU Committee Member, Adrian Dolahenty (Class of 1986) visited the grave of his relative and our Old Boy, Gunner Kevin Dolahenty, who was killed fighting the Japanese in WW2. He is buried at Kranji Commonweath Grave, Singapore. Currently, the School has year 9 and 10 students on an immersion tour in Singapore. Read more about Gunner Kevin Dolahenty at the OBU website.

Classof1926The Intermediate Class of 1926 - which included Kevin Dolahenty.



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Another Great Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union Annual Reunion Dinner for 2015


The Night

On Friday, October 16th, around 150 alumni, brothers, current and past teachers attended the Old Boys Union Annual Dinner at Parramatta Leagues Club. It was fantastic to see so many Old Boys representing classes spanning the better part of a century; from John Eather, who began his schooling at Marist Brothers Parramatta in the 1930's (he left the school in 1941) through to Alex McCaffery and George Damah, from the Class of 2013. A special mention to those classes who celebrated special anniversaries with us at the dinner:

Class of 1955 represented by House Captains Syd Cooke and Bert Godwin
Class of 1960 represented by Peter Leane, Eric Workman, Jack Munro
Class of 1965 a significant contingent led by John Flynn on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee
Class of 1970 a contingent led by School Captain Peter Williamson
Class of 1980 represented by School Captain Stephen King, who did so single-handedly!
Class of 1990 represented by Andrew Houseman and Greg Coorey (whose son now attends the school)
Class of 1995 represented by Justin Neylan, Michael McKeon, Michael Hoareau and Nathan Parker

It was also terrific to see so many past school captains in attendance: Syd Cooke and Bert Godwin 1955; Alf Smith 1961; Peter Barnes 1965; Peter Williamson 1970; Mark Procajlo 1976; Mark Atwood 1977; Greg King 1978; Stephen King 1980; Andrew Houseman 1990; Justin Decelis 1991; Brendan Decelis 1996 and James Bourne 2008. We look forward to seeing them again at our school Commencement Mass in February 2016. Again, the McCaffery's were well represented with Trevor (Class of 1982); Ben (Class of 2008) and Alex (Class of 2013) - five generations of which have attended Parramatta Marist. A warm thank you to Br Peter Stewart (former Marist Junior Principal) for attending and saying grace.


Visit the photo gallery for the Dinner

It is Never Too Late

During the consolidation of the archive following the move to the School's new admin office, there were a number of Intermediate/Leaving Certificates and School/Higher School certificates that had remained uncollected. Some dating back to the late forties. Adam was able to return some to Eric Workman (1960), John Peters, Greg Corr (1964) and a couple of others.






Yes, All Current and Former Staff are Invited to the Annual Dinner 

and that includes the many femaile teaching and support staff over the years including Nicole Thomas (nee McLean) who used to teach at Marist and Denise Williams who has returned to teach at Marist 15 years after she was last teaching at the School attended the dinner.




Fund Raising

The Annual Dinner also serves as the main fundraiser for the Brother Coman Memorial Scholarships and the framing of memorabilia to preserve the legacy of this great school. Once again, we would like to thank all Old Boys who supported the raffle and auction as we have once again raised over the $4000 required to support the aforementioned causes. Thank you to Peter Bowd for running the auction and Warren Bain, Mark Currie, Mark Procajlo, Stefan Procajlo, John Flynn, the GWS Giants, Parramatta Leagues, the Sydney Swans and the NSW Waratahs for their very generous donations to the auction. A special thank you to Mr Barry Beilby (Class of 1963) for his significant ongoing support of the Old Boys Union.

The Future

Lastly, as we approach our 200th year as a Catholic School and 145th year as a Marist school in 2020, I am hopeful that we can continue to grow the Old Boys Union and networks with the school and between us. It's always great to catch up with classmates but I am frequently amazed that a casual conversation with a fellow Old boy can reveal any number of links personally, professionally and socially. And the first step in growing this network is this annual dinner - we hope to see many more Old Boys at next year's dinner.

Fortior Ito,

Adam Hendry

OBU President

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Having Trouble Remembering 1975?

Cone to 40 year reunion of the Class of 1975 at the Parramatta Marist Old Boys Annual Dinner 16 October 2015

Click here for more details


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1970 Athletics Carnival

1970 Athletics Carnival


Source: David Whitfield

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Passing Out Parade 1971

Passing Out Parade 1971

b2ap3_thumbnail_1971-Passing-Out-Parade-1.jpgThis is the 1971 Passing Out Parade on the top oval at Westmead.

Thanks David Whitfield

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